Elixer De Vie and my liposuction experience


Next week I will be flying to Medan for my third lipo experience with Dr Arther Tjandra. Usually I would be worrying and feeling scared, but I am not remotely concerned, in fact I am really looking forward to it! I trust Dr Tjandra completely and I know he will do another great job.

My first experience was for my arms, as they have been bugging me my whole life and very unsightly. They were completely out of proportion with my slim waist and overall figure. I am athletic and very healthy but no matter what I did to lose weight and tone up, the stubborn fat on my arms remained.

My first visit to the clinic I was really scared – I had so many questions about scarring, bruising, pain, and I thought the result would not be visible, or it would be lumpy or uneven. I would not have gone through with it usually, but I read a really positive blog and it encouraged me to go, so I want to do the same for others. Dr Arthur was very reassuring and professional and explained everything carefully. He answered all my questions even late at night (as he stays in the clinic when patients are there), and he understood exactly what I wanted done. He is an artist as well as a doctor and he doesn’t just suck out the fat, he really sculpts the shape to make it suit your figure. He didn’t push me to do the surgery at all, which was good, and let me decide on my own to go ahead.

On the day I was nervous but the nurses were amazing (they are really special and friendly and funny, and they make the whole place feel less like a creepy hospital and more warm and fun – they are professional and take really good care of you but they are also lovely girls) and they organised everything.

The procedure itself went smoothly. I will say  that I was aware of what was going on and at times this was very distressing, as I could feel some pain, but they gave me more sedatives and to be honest you forget all about it later once you have slept it off. So it’s not really all that bad. And it’s definitely worth putting up with a bit of discomfort while you are half asleep for the result!! It’s a bit like feeling very drowsy and drunk, you are half aware of what is going on and you can hear Dr Arthur telling you what he is doing, which is good. To be honest I prefer to be uncomfortable and awake than completely unconscious. And they give you good painkillers too so it doesn’t last for long. The best bit about being awake (even though it was painful), is that at one point Dr Arthur told me to look at one arm that he finished, and I remember looking down and I nearly fell off the table I was so amazed, it was like looking down at someone else’s arm. I couldn’t recognise myself because I was so used to seeing big puffy fat stodgy arms, and instead was this slim little arm – where did it all go?!?! He is a magician!

I didn’t see the overall result immediately as they bandaged me up (at least I don’t remember seeing the result immediately), and went to sleep for hours and hours! I lost quite a lot of blood (just me, nothing the doctor did, I guess I’m just a bleedy person!) so the nurses checked on me all the time and gave me lots of medication to help.

The next morning I saw the result and I couldn’t believe it – it was like looking at someone else’s body – somebody slim and toned and sexy! My arms were completely reduced all over, and toned, and slim, and perfectly contoured to look natural and healthy. And slimming my arms had an effect of making my whole body appear slimmer and more in proportion. I finally felt ‘right’ 🙂

Every day I had a massage from the lovely girls. They were uncomfortable to start with but so good when they were finished each day, and the fresh bandages felt so much better (as the old ones start to get sore after a day) so they kept them fresh.

I had no scarring whatsover – I can’t even find where he did the surgery anymore as there is no sign. My skin was smooth and lump-free, and you can see the muscle tone under the skin instead of the fat. The bruising went after two weeks using the cream they give you, and I could reach my arms fully up in about three weeks with regular massage.

As the swelling goes away, you start to really see the result. I have so much more confidence and can finally wear sleeveless dresses and not feel embarrassed by my fat arms. Lots of people say I look ‘toned’ which is the best word ever – I didn’t want to be skinny or thin, as I have an athletic figure.

The second trip was for my midsection, where I also have a lot of stubborn fat. Again, Dr Arthur knew best and advised how he would treat the area. As this was my second visit it was all much quicker as I didn’t have the full initial consultation, just a consultation about the procedure this time. Again, it was painful during the surgery and this time I was sick from the sedative (tip – make sure you eat breakfast! It sounds the wrong way round but eating does help), and again I lost quite a bit of blood, but I was fine and they took really good care of me.

The result for my midsection was not so dramatic – I am slimmer and it looks great but I still have a natural rounded tummy – I think there was just too much to do at once as it would have caused sagging skin maybe. He knows best! I think I could have another session on my tummy if he thinks it’s possible, but for now I am really pleased with the result and feel slimmer and it is a definite improvement. The best bit it the sides and back of my midsection, as he sculpted a really nice curve which make my bottom look much firmer and curvier. He is really very clever with that. It is important to get the whole contouring done, not just one area, so he can achieve the overall look.

Overall I feel sexier and healthier, and I feel my true figure can be seen (as before it was buried under stubborn fat)

Next week I am going to see what Dr Arthur can do with my thighs (which are quite big and lumpy) – I trust him to do another impressive and effective job and I am really excited to see the result.

The fact that I am returning for a third visit shows how pleased I am with the results but also how much I trust and recommend the service and facilities. The clinic is in a quiet area, it’s residential and doesn’t look like much from the outside, so please do not be put off by this! Inside is a professional, safe and modern environment and Dr Arthur is an expert.

I will update you with the latest news after next week, hopefully it will be another positive experience!

I will also upload some pictures next week when I get chance.